A Message From Pastor for July

Masked vs. Unmasked


Lately in the news, we come across the distinction between names which have been Masked or Unmasked. In our country's information gathering, the names of United States Citizens are masked when they are caught in a conversation with a foreigner Their names should be masked or whited out before anybody reads them. This is to protect their presumed innocence. Higher ups in the Government, under strict guidlines can 'unmask' names, where it is necessary for national security. Unmasked numbers of people seem to have reached the thousands 

Luther talks about how we are “God's Masks.” God must be masked as a result of man's sins whenever he deals with us. In Christ, God reveals himself to us. In Christ, he shows us his law and also his love and grace. In Christ, he shows us the Way to Heaven by faith and gives us a glimpse of the glories of heaven. In Christ, God reveals himself to us in His Word.

In Christ, we are the salt and light of the world. People outside the church should be able to see the good things we do out of love for Christ and glorify our father who is in heaven. The God who creates these opportunities to do good things is masked in our doing of them. Ultimately we need to open the pages of God's Word to these people that they may see and believe in the Savior whom God has sent. The Savior, whom we see in God's Word, taking our sins and suffering for them, dying for them and rising again to show our sins stand forgiven.


There are some spiritual monsters, who put on masks to make people think they are really good, kind and loving. That they really know about God and his love. 'Wolves in sheep's clothing' is what Jesus calls these false teachers. The Devil masquerades as an angel of light. The sinful people of the world pretend they are your cool friends, and if you act like them, you can be cool also. And you sinful flesh, tries to pretend that you are your own master. That you can do whatever you think is right.

These are masks we need to rip off of these monsters. We need to id. them for what they really are – false prophets, the Devil and his demon army, the sinful world and me. God's Word shines the clear light on them so that we can see these foes for what they really are and what they are trying to do. They would lead us down the sinful path, until we are caught in the tentacles of hell.

Unmask them. They are not innocent, wise and smart, fun, loving ways to live your live. They are the very tools of the Devil who is prowling around looking for someone to devour. Other people are caught in their tentacles. So we need to unmask these monsters, using God's Word so that other souls can be snatched from the gates of hell.

That brothers and sisters is the work of Christ's church! That is your work as a Christian. Tell others about your God and Savior and what he did for you on the cross, and what he does for you every day. So that many others may break off from the monsters of hell into the loving arms of God their Savior. You are God's Mask – unmask your spiritual enemies.