A Message From Pastor for March

March Newsletter – 2017

Did God Really Say..........? Fake News!


Fake News has been in the news just about every night lately. Fake News is something which is 'reported' repeatedly in the news yet it has not been verified with any facts, in fact many times the facts come up showing a different truth. Another name for 'Fake News” is a LIE! 

Our God is the God of Truth. He gave us the Truth in His Word. Truths which we are to study, believe, keep and treasure. The Devil is the Father of LIES. 

We see the father of lies, bringing forth the first 'Fake News' in Genesis chapter 3, where he comes and slyly is asking Eve “Did God Really Say.....? He wanted Eve to doubt the Truth about God and His Love for Her. 

Lies are still all around us as we try to live our lives as Christians. Liberals would ask us: “Did God Really Say …..?” “Does God Really Mean what He said?” As they try to turn the truth into something different. When God's Word says that He Created the world in 6 days, anything different, even if it is so called 'proven' Science is a LIE. When God says that He is in charge of our lives, and when we are born and when we die, anything different, even if it is so called 'birth control', 'my choice,' or 'death with dignity' is a lie. When God says he established marriage as between one man and one woman and that the marriage bed is to be kept pure, anything different, even if it is called 'love' or political correct is a lie. When God's Word tells us that faith in Jesus is the only way into heaven, anything else, even religions of peace are a lie and from the Father of Lies.

Lies, whether they are on the news or on the internet also are fabricated in the forges of hell, and produced by the Father of Lies. Since God is the God of Truth, His Children also are assigned the gates of truth. We should not even give the hint that what we are saying is not the truth.

When we see that we have been less then truthful in any way, thank God – The God of Truth for His wonderful Good News that our sins have been forgiven by the suffering, death and resurrection of His Own Son Jesus Christ. Jesus lived His whole life under Truth, always speaking the truth in love no matter what the situation. Even when His life was on the line, he spoke the truth that he was the Son of the Living God.

May we always work to know His Truth and spread His Truth wherever and whenever we can. “The Truth will set us free.”