A Message From the Pastor for June....

Acts 19:20 

In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.


June is a month of growth. Gardens are planted; and children are home from school. During the Summer and into the fall, one might ask: “How's your garden growing?” And at the end of summer, many times parents and teachers are amazed at how much the children grew during the summer.

The book of Acts tells us about the Acts of the Apostles, and shows us how the early church grew. It started on Pentecost with the addition of 3,000 believers, and it multiplied throughout Jerusalem. Then it tells us how it was taken into Africa, and spread into Syria, Turkey, and then into Europe. We are recipients of the Gospel then being bought into America.

Like a vine growing along a wall, the word of the LORD must spread. First it must grow in us. As each one of us use whatever opportunities we have to read the powerful word of the LORD, to hear the word of the LORD, to study it and meditate upon it. As we use the powerful word, we will grow in our faith.

When we have some good news, we can hardly wait 'to spill the beans'. The good news of Jesus our Savior, who came to earth as our substitute for sin, who paid the penalty of our sins on the cross and who rose victoriously from the dead and now sits on the right hand of the Heavenly Father is more important than any news we may feel compelled to share. This news can make the difference between an eternity of suffering or one of complete joy in our hearer. What is more important than that?

This summer I plan on studying the two letters of Paul to the Corinthians. Read over the letters yourselves and if you have any questions, write them down and give them to me, talk to me about them, or email them. I would be glad to help you grow in God's Word.

Also this summer, we will be looking and thinking over ways where we can share the message of the Savior with other people. Think what you can do. Let me know if you have a good suggestion for an opportunity to talk about our Savior. Perhaps, I can help you think over what you can say. And use every opportunity God gives you to open your mouth and share the good news which can make a real difference in someones life and eternity.

May God help us and use us so that “In this way the word of the Lord (will) spread widely and grew in power.” May God bless us with growth this summer.