A Message From the Pastor for March


Were you there when they crucified my LORD?” So asks an African American hymn. Were you? The answer is definitely “yes!”

There were so many people we would like to have known in the Bible. What were they thinking? What happened to them later? What were the rest of their stories. Once in a while you can find a book or see a movie which follows a character through the Christmas story or through Holy Week. They are interesting fiction stories, which are fun to read.

Did you ever put yourself into the Passion story? Did you ever think: “Where would I have been? What would I have done?” Do you see yourself in the crowd when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday? Were you singing: “Hosanna to the Son of David?” Do you see yourself in the temple area as he taught there during the first part of the week? Were you amazed at his teaching? Where were you on Good Friday? Were you shouting for his crucifixion? Were you there making fun of him on the cross? What did you think when you saw the darkness and felt the earthquake? Where were you on Easter Morning?

Yes, It was your sins and my sins which put Jesus on the cross. But we were there also – ON THE CROSS with Jesus. There on the cross, you died with Jesus. There on the cross, Jesus died for your sins, and so his death is yours. Your sins were washed away, so his resurrection is yours. His Home is yours.

Because we have been washed clean, we no longer are so enticed by sin that we have to submit to it as if it were our master. We can say no to sin. We would rather stay far away from it rather then fall into it. WE see sin for what it is: rebellion against God. So we thank Jesus for what he did for us and try to keep our lives clean from sin's dirty stain.